Shopping groceries
Guests at the Molino Lorca country cottge provide for their own meals.
There are several possibilities for shopping your daily groceries, depending on your needs:

In Montefrio there are sevaral supermarkets, among other things DIA and Coviran. Montefrio is only 8 kilometers from Molino Lorca
The opening hours are:Monday / Saturday
from 09:15 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00
In Montefrio there is also a bakery, butcher and a grocerie?

In Huetor Tajar There is a Mercadona supermarket.
The opening hours are:
Monday / Saturday from 09:15 to 21:15
In Huetor Tajar you also find bakers and butchers.
Huetor Tajar is 12 kilometers from Molino Lorca

In Granada is the Carrefour supermarket and because it’s a big city there are obviously much more shops for your daily needs. Granada is 65 kilometers from Molino Lorca.

During your stay we can support you with directions and advice.