Granada has a number of lively shopping areas where you find both international retailers and craft boutiques. The main shopping area is located in the old center of the city. Here you will find the large chain stores, interspersed with numerous local shops.

Besides the Alhambra, you can also find an Arab district in Granada. Opposite of the Alhambra you’ll find the historic Albaícin, from where the origin of the city lies. Wander through the picturesque streets, enjoy the beautiful Iglesia (church of Christ) ‘The San Nicolás church’, the Arab bathhouses, the archaeological museum and last but certainly not the least, visit the Palacio de Dar-al-Horra. This is the palace of Granada’s last Arabic king’s mother.

Between sightseeing and wandering through town, you might get a bit hungry and thirsty. The best place to relax in Granada is by far the Bib-Rambla plaza. Take a seat at one of the terraces and enjoy some overly delicious tapas, have a glass of sangria and let the breath-taking surroundings settle in your mind. 
Malaga is a great city to shop in. You will find just about everything, from your staple clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, gift articles, etc., to the most sublime in crafted products, antiques and works of art.

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